What Over The Counter Drugs Contain Promethazine. Trusted RX approved

What Over The Counter Drugs Contain Promethazine. Trusted RX approved

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It’s one thing to get a prescription for one medicine — but that won’t help you if have an overdose or you can’t find where were taken. If you think may have overdosed, call 911 or your local emergency medical provider.

You’re at risk of being charged with possession by a drug abuser, with intent to distribute, or conspiracy when you’re a low-level drug recipient, according to the Abuse Warning Network.

How a prescription drug overdose could happen

Some people taking prescribed drugs for medical reasons don’t realize that they are getting higher dosages than what they have been told to take.

"If you’re taking too much medicine for an extended period of time without talking to your doctor or prescriber… this can be potentially dangerous and deadly," the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said in a statement.

The higher doses make pills harder to get and swallow quickly. With too much medication, a person’s heart rate and blood pressure can speed up, and brain cells other organ systems can also be harmed.

When a person is on powerful drugs, they may develop dangerous or life-threatening muscle spasms, severe headaches, and a coma. They can promethazine buy online uk lose consciousness and wake up in a hospital or coma.

The Drug Abuse Warning Network says some people with low to moderate prescriptions can overdose even if they are taking smaller amounts of medication that doesn’t have dangerous amounts of drug in it.

The warning network warns that people who are prescribed high doses of opioid painkillers by a doctor can face risk of overdose if they use them while also using alcohol or other drugs that contain opioid painkillers.

Drug users and doctors must work together to reduce misuse of opioids, the federal warning system said.

The problem is also growing in younger patients drugstore free overnight shipping who aren’t aware they take too much medicine and it’s easy to get addicted prescription painkillers, the National Institute on Drug Abuse said.

What you can do if someone overdoses

Call 911 or your local emergency medical provider if the following are true:

The person can’t breathe and is not breathing naturally.

The person is unable to walk.

The person falls.

The person is unable to control the person’s body movements and is unresponsive.

The person has a blood-pressure of at least 110/60 and is sedated.

The person’s eyes and lips are blue or purple from an lack of saliva.

The person has a pulse.

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Promethazine is used for relieving allergy symptoms, including hives or runny nose.

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